If you own a business where driving is essential or work in the industrial or agricultural sectors, you know how vital Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)  is to your business. Without it, your diesel vehicles will not work correctly, which will cost you time and money while your trucks are out of service. If you run a fleet of commercial vehicles or equipment that requires diesel, DEF is just as important to you as diesel fuel, as one can’t be used without the other! At Valley Energy, we understand these needs and have created a solution for you. We have a fueling station that provides diesel fuel and DEF, saving you time and ensuring your equipment stays running. Learn more about how Valley Energy can help your business. When you are ready, give us a call to discuss using our services for your fueling needs.


What is DEF?

While you might have used DEF in the past, do you know how it works and what it does for your vehicle? Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) is a urea and water solution. Together, this mixture is injected into the exhaust system to reduce the NOx gases produced by diesel engines. The vehicle’s heat turns the urea into ammonia, an alkaline compound formed of nitrogen and hydrogen NH3. These gases travel through the catalytic converter, which further neutralizes NOx molecules, and change harmful gases into a cleaner mixture of nitrogen and water. Depending on the vehicle and fuel used, DEF can help reduce between 70-95% of NOx in the system, removing a large proportion of Nitrogen oxides from emissions.


You may be legally required to use DEF

All new diesel vehicles (those manufactured after 2010) are programmed to inject DEF into their exhaust systems. This change was implemented for all diesel vehicles, whether commercially or privately. Many engines have also been adapted to shut down when DEF is not found in the system or reduce speeds to decrease levels of NOx expelled by the system. 


How often do I need to use DEF in my vehicle?

The amount of fluid required per vehicle can vary depending on the size, condition, and usage. As a general industry figure, DEF is generally consumed at a rate of 50 to 1 with diesel, meaning for every 50 gallons of fuel burned, 1 gallon of DEF is consumed. A well-maintained vehicle may exceed this expectation, using less fuel per mile and less DEF!


DEF services with Valley Energy

There are several ways to purchase DEF depending on the size of your business and your fleet’s needs, such as how many miles your vehicles will typically travel daily. You may find DEF at your local gas station, but that is not a guarantee, as not all gas stations sell DEF. If you have a fleet of vehicles you need to refuel, a public gas station is probably not the best route for you, as these are not always built to accommodate larger vehicles. Valley Energy has created a gas station designed explicitly with the business owner in mind (although anyone can use our card lock facility). Our station offers a variety of fuels, including both diesel and DEF. The lanes are wide and void of canopies, making fueling larger vehicles very easy. Furthermore, our station is open anytime. You can pay using a credit card or apply for a Valley Energy proprietary fueling card, which helps track fuel expenses for your entire fleet. 



If it is not feasible to bring your whole fleet to a gas station, you don’t want to waste time fueling your vehicles, or you have agricultural equipment that you can’t get to a gas station, let Valley Energy come to you. We can deliver your fuel, saving you valuable time. 


Contact the Valley Energy team about our Fueling Services!

With 50 years of experience serving the energy needs of Virginia, our professional team is committed to streamlining the refueling process of the greater Purcellville community. We provide an active pumping station designated for Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) located at 103 Hirst Road, Purcellville, VA, 20132. Visit us for convenient, hassle-free fueling and if you are looking for high-quality fuel to keep your business moving, look no further than Valley Energy. Call us today to learn how we can help.