Maximize efficiency with Fleet Fueling

Make your fleet go further with 24/7 commercial fueling with on-demand access to Virginia’s highest quality Gasoline, On-Road and Off-Road Diesel, and DEF.

Fueling for Virginia

Multiple fuels, one prime location

Reduce time on refills with on-site fuel storage and 24/7 access to multiple grades of high-quality Gasoline, On-Road and Off-Road Diesel, and DEF all in one local facility.

Efficient commercial fueling

We’ve designed our unmanned fuel station to cater to a diverse range of work vehicles and fleets, enabling faster fueling and seamless transactions that get you on the road quicker.

Multi-fleet fueling

Equipped with spacious large stalls and slow-to-fast pump options, refill several commercial vehicles simultaneously with multiple products and pump rates available.

24/7 fuel on demand, 365 days a year

Our unmanned fueling station is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, offering unmatched convenience for fueling on demand from a convenient Purcellville location.

Competitive rates

We’re proud to offer competitive rates and quality service that is unmatched in the Virginia area, with advantageous savings on price per gallon for fleet fueling customers.

Supporting Virginia’s local towns and businesses

Our wide range of services and products assist our commercial customers in optimizing their transportation operations and experience. Our customers can rely on our conveniently located fueling station for all of their fuel needs.

Valley Energy’s unmanned fueling station is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This allows for unmatched convenience for all of your commercial fueling needs.

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Fueling Station For The Business Owner!

While anyone can use our fueling station, our commercial customers definitely get the most out of this service. We provide a detailed monthly statement, as well as product limits and odometer readings! We also provide an online portal where customers can log in and view all of their purchases. We can even break down the payments by vehicle, which gives you unparalleled access and control of every vehicle in your fleet’s fuel consumption and cost.

Valley Energy offers business owners transparency and ease of access to their vehicle’s fuel cost. Our commercial customers really like these features because they are able to track the fueling of their vehicles better. These features give business owners the control of knowing exactly how much they are spending on fuel without actually having to be onsite during the refueling. Because the fueling station is unmanned, there are fewer distractions, which allow for faster fueling and quicker access to the job site.

Valley Energy’s fuel station services include:


regular, mid-grade, and premium

Diesel Fuel:

On Road, and Off Road (Dyed)

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)

Valley Energy has been offering only the finest quality of fuels for over 50 years. We do so out of our conveniently located fueling station located at 103 Hirst Road, in Purcellville, VA. Valley Energy’s fueling station provides our commercial customers with the same great service they have come to expect from Valley Energy’s fuel delivery services. Locally owned and operated, you can expect only the best when entrusting your commercial vehicles to our fueling service.

Valley Energy’s fueling center is perfect for the business owner that has a fleet of commercial vehicles needing to fuel at the same time. The fueling station provides large stalls to adequately service a variety of commercial vehicles. Our service will save you time and money through our convenient fuel tracking system.

Commercial account holders can log in to an online portal and track how much fuel each vehicle is consuming, as well as its fuel cost. This allows business owners the flexibility to see how much their fleet is consuming at any given time. Odometer readings before each fill-up also allow commercial customers to see how far each vehicle drove between fill-ups without checking the odometer for themselves.

Finally, we know how important it is to get your fleet fueled quickly, so you can get to the job site. Wasting time at a gas station loses valuable time that could be spent elsewhere. Valley Energy solved this problem by offering our fuel services from an unmanned fuel station. This limits the distractions that can occur while fueling and allows for a faster and more seamless transaction. Get your fleet back on the road sooner with Valley Energy’s fleet fueling service!

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Valley Energy exists to satisfy all your commercial refueling needs at competitive rates and quality service that is unmatched in the Virginia area. If you need a refueling service for your commercial vehicle fleet, give us a call today. We have commercial account specialists ready to answer any questions you may have. Alternatively, if you can not speak to a representative at the moment, simply fill out the form below, and a specialist will contact you shortly.

Partner your power with Purcellville’s family-run supplier

We’re a regional supplier, with family-run values, committed to a focus on providing superior customer service and upholding community ties and values. If you’re interested in partnering your fueling needs with a local Purcellville energy company, contact us today to get started.

Your safety is our priority

We understand the risks that come with the energy industry, which is why our facilities, equipment, and staff are reviewed regularly, ensuring all operations meet the highest safety standards and needs of our customers.

Flexible payment plans

Our flexible payment plans set us apart in the industry, giving customers the power to manage their heating oil supply and ordering through our innovative fuel card facility, Pre-Buy plan, and SmartPay options.

Take control of your fleet’s fueling

We’ve designed our innovative online portal and cloud-based fuel tracking platform to allow you access to real-time usage data, enabling odometer readings, performance insights, and opportunities to review purchase limits and company spending.

Personalized services

No business is the same – which is why we strive to provide high-quality service through dedicated customer support and personalized service plans, with competitive pricing, safety guarantee, professionalism, and integrity as standards in our services.

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