Fireplace Cleaning

Fireplace Cleaning

Propane fireplaces need cleaned and inspected to ensure they are burning efficiently and safely. Depending on the usage, we recommend having them serviced annually (or bi-annually if not used often). This preventative maintenance helps identify potential issues before they become problematic.

When one of our technicians comes to your home, the tech will:

  • Clean and inspect glass and seals (on direct vent fireplaces)
  • Clean and inspect burner, logs, and pilot assembly
  • Check pressure and control valve
  • Test pilot safety system (on units with pilot)
  • Replace rock wool (if needed)
  • Replace remote batteries (if equipped)
  • Check operation of fireplace after cleaning and inspection
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Give us a call today at (540) 338-6457 to schedule your cleaning, or email us at

**Price does not include parts if needed – the technician will let the customer know pricing prior to installing or ordering parts

***We do not clean and inspect the fireplace venting (if applicable). Venting should be cleaned and inspected by a company specializing in venting and chimney sweeping.

For questions or to discuss your energy needs, please call our office during regular business hours.

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