A card lock is a fantastic option for commercial vehicle fleets, farmers with large farming equipment, and municipalities looking to control their fuel usage. Using Valley Energy’s fleet fueling services includes reduced wait times, detailed records of purchases, multiple fuel types, and potential cost savings. Learn more about using our card lock facility by reading below or giving us a call. 


Fleet Fueling Facilities Bring Efficiency To The Refueling Process

Queuing for gas can be a frustrating experience. Standard fueling stations are well known for having busy (and often chaotic) periods making it hard for contractors to refuel for the day ahead efficiently. Limited product options, and even supply inventories, are also a cause for concern for many fleet operators.


Reduced The Wait Times At Your Local Gas Station

If you’re a business owner or just looking to manage a large fleet, you could be losing valuable time refueling at a commercial station. Without the typical convenience store on-site, a steady stream of retail customers, and tricky parking situations, Valley Energy’s unmanned stations offer an efficient refilling process without the obstacles of standard retail stations.


Valley Energy Brings Efficiency To The Refueling Process

Valley Energy’s fueling center is perfect for the business owner with a fleet of commercial vehicles needing to fuel simultaneously. The fueling station provides well-spaced islands to adequately service various commercial vehicles, multiple products, and pump rates. Our facility layout can be conducive for contractors or employees coordinating the fill-ups of several vehicles, where navigating pump issues and long wait times at the pump takes away time spent taking care of the business.


Many customers of our fleet fueling service struggled with the hard-to-maneuver overhangs of standard gas stations and found many stations also do not offer Off-Road Diesel or DEF. Our facility provides multiple grades of gasoline, On-Road and Off-Road Diesel, DEF, and Fast and Slow Pump options. Having various fuel types in one location eliminates the potential need for on-site tank storage for your commercial needs.


Keep Your Accounts In Order With Detailed Reports Of Purchases

Many companies, contractors, and domestic households understand tracking expenditures. Documenting your fuel purchases can be necessary for monitoring fill-ups and preparing taxes at the end of the year. With an account at Valley Energy, you never have to worry about keeping track of receipts. Our easy-to-read statement will also provide a monthly breakout of all taxes paid and categorize purchases by the driver and designated department.


Fleet Fueling Services Allow You To Spot Unusual Spending Patterns

Standard visa and debit cards can quickly leave customers at risk of theft or misuse, especially for businesses that issue cards for employee use. Common complaints usually involve fueling a domestic vehicle or personal purchases made against a company account, usually at the hands of a lost card or untrustworthy staff member. A card lock monitoring system can help you catch suspicious activities in real-time, instantly protecting your cash flow and accounts.


Fleet fueling allows you, the business owner, to assign drivers purchasing limits. Typical limits include the number of gallons, products, time of day restrictions, and even daily transactions. Further, should an employee be terminated or a card lost, the card can be immediately deactivated without the need for tracking down the physical card.


Valley Energy Records Your Usage Every Mile Of The Way

Unlike many competitors, we offer extra mileage recording in our tracking, including detailed odometer readings. Customers can access the distance covered between refueling, enabling them to review unusual spending patterns with staff and spot symptoms of vehicle repair issues, such as fuel efficiency.


Valley Energy Offers Competitive and Reliable Prices On Gas and Diesel For Customers

One of the most significant incentives to discontinue using standard gas stations to fuel your fleet and switch to a card lock facility is the potential savings you will incur. Our facility does accept the traditional credit card for customers that may not meet fleet fueling requirements. However, for those who elect the fleet fueling option, there is a potential saving on the price per gallon and reliability of product availability that you can count on with a local supplier.


Choose Valley Energy For Your Next Refill

Valley Energy has been offering only the finest fuels quality for over 50 years. Our convenient card lock facility and station in Purcellville, VA, has provided commercial customers with the hometown touch for all  their gasoline, diesel, and DEF needs for over two decades. Give our fleet fueling experts a call today to get started.