Tank Monitors

Remote Tank Monitoring For Efficient and Convenient Fueling

What is a tank monitor?

A tank monitor is a device used to measure the level of fuel in a tank in order to provide accurate readings used for providing our dispatching department insight into your fuel levels and usage. They can be used to monitor any type of fuel, including propane.

What are the benefits of a tank monitor?
  • Worry-Free Generator Fuel Monitoring
  • Increased Fuel Management Efficiency
  • Fuel Level Monitoring For One or Multiple Tanks
  • Real-Time Alerts and Data
Who can use a tank monitor?

Tank monitors are effective devices for residential propane tanks, commercial tanks, and generators to manage efficiency and bring customers peace of mind. Monitors provide our dispatching department insight into a change in delivery patterns and fuel usage.

How does it work?

A monitor runs on an internal battery and connects to a slot on the gauge on your tank, allowing it to “read” the gauge and transmit the reading to your service via cellular or wireless technology. Both residential and commercial customers can access their tank levels through an easy-to-use app on their phones or tablet.

Why should I have a tank monitor?

By eliminating unnecessary trips for us and additional fuel bills for you, tank monitors provide overall delivery efficiency. Monitoring equipment offers both our customers and our office the ability to access available data on demand through a cellular or internet-connected device.

Backup generators and pool heaters have usages that are unlike a furnace or water heater. Generators and pool heaters can often draw on fuel much quicker than a standard household appliance because of their BTU load demand. A tank monitor alerts you and our office when usage has a sudden increase so you know when the tank needs to be filled.

Remote Tank Monitoring App

Through the “Nee-Vo” app, customers are able to monitor their tanks remotely from any location. The app is available for download on Apple and Android devices.

Have a tank monitor and would like remote monitoring access? 

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