Oil burners

Why Should You Have Your Oil Burners Cleaned Annually?


Regular cleaning and maintenance of heating systems are essential for keeping everything running at optimum performance. Skipping an annual service on your oil burner or furnace can often lead to costly repair work and sometimes lead to dangerous operating conditions. Many faults in your system can often be highlighted during routine checks, making an annual service a vital part of maintaining your oil furnace. Our Valley Energy team recommends performing a yearly cleaning and inspection once a year on your oil burners and furnace to maintain peak performance and improve efficiency.

The Best Time To Book An Appointment With Valley Energy

Although there is never a wrong time to book our service, there are periods when technicians are in demand, resulting in busier schedules. The winter months put additional pressure on heating systems, bringing several performance issues to the surface that might not have been noticed at other times of the year. Typically, we start to book appointments for this service starting in late spring through the summer months to offset emergency calls for furnaces not working properly or efficiently during the winter months. Scheduling your appointment earlier ensures your furnace is ready to keep you warm throughout the winter!

Things You Really Shouldn’t Miss On Your Annual Service:

Check The Health Of The Oil And Tank

Good quality fuel burns better than old, contaminated fuel, putting less strain on your furnace. Dirty oil can often contain harmful chemicals, making the furnace work harder to break down the fuel and, at times, clog up essential equipment. This build-up can emit toxic fumes and worsen the longer a burner or furnace is left without maintenance. During your annual service, an inspector will determine the health of your current oil supply and the overall health of your furnace and oil burner. These oil inspections can often diagnose other issues within the burner, such as corroded parts or moisture from broken seals and leaks.

Inspect Your System’s Airflow

Dirty filter

Technically, your air filters should be checked quarterly to ensure they are free from dust and facilitate an easy-flowing airflow from your furnace into your home. Many customers can perform these checks independently, following the manufacturer’s guidelines or the advice of a reputable inspection company. The inspection performed by a technician during an annual service will be a more thorough examination, searching for obstructions in the passages of the furnace, where dust, oil, or other materials are blocking air from moving through the furnace and removing these obstructions.

Investigate Corroding Equipment And Rust

Humidity and condensation can devastate an oil burner or furnace, leading to corroding materials and rust. These issues only escalate in the winter months, when the heat of your tank meets with the colder air outside, creating moisture within the furnace. Tanks with low oil levels are particularly vulnerable to corrosion as moisture spreads into the open spaces within the unit. A professional inspection should help guide you through the most appropriate tank levels for your set-up, keeping rust at bay and treating any infected material.

Check All Wiring

Oil burner wiring

Inclement weather is a part of life for residents of Virginia but can often leave long-term impacts on furnaces or oil burners. Although your furnace may have remained unused for the last several months, it is vital to check all wiring and ensure everything is in good condition before turning it on for the winter. During an annual service, our Valley Energy technicians will carefully examine all parts of your furnace outlined in our available Burner Server Contracts.

Schedule A Service With Valley Energy

Choosing the right technician for the job is an important part of scheduling your service. You must ensure they have the professional knowledge to do the job efficiently and diagnose common issues. Our team has over 50 years of experience in the home heating oil industry, providing high-quality work to keep Virginia’s furnaces in good condition. Contact us today to find out more!