Your furnace is essential to your home’s heating system, providing comfort and safety all year round. When this vital part of your home’s heating system fails or does not work correctly, it is understandable for customers to feel panicked about how to get things working again. Although it is possible to perform diagnostics at home, we always recommend seeking professional advice for oil-related problems. However, you can use the following steps to help eliminate potential causes of your furnace not starting.


Why won’t my furnace start up?


There are many reasons why your oil furnace may not start, ranging from simple fixes to complex repairs and servicing. Although it is always advisable to leave any issues to our professional team, you can do a few troubleshooting exercises from home to help diagnose the problem.


Is your worn-out filter blocking airflow?


Winters can be cold in Virginia, with snow and ice regularly forecasted. This means your furnace will be working overtime throughout the winter. To keep your furnace running at its best, we recommend checking the filters once a month to ensure they are free of dust and debris. Furnaces may become difficult to start if a dirty filter obstructs the airflow through the heating system. This obstruction can lead to an increase in heating costs, and eventually, this obstruction can cause the furnace to either not work well or not start at all. 

Easy thermostat diagnostics at home


It seems simple, but make sure your thermostat is set to Heat Mode. Before calling Valley Energy, check the batteries and settings on the thermostat and the circuit breakers to ensure they are not the cause of your furnace not working.


Hit the Reset Button


After confirming the thermostat is indeed On and set to Heat, you will need to locate the Reset Button if the unit still will not turn on. Hit the Reset Button no more than two times as it causes oil to back up in the system.


Does the furnace have power?


If the Reset button has been pressed and the furnace is still not running, confirm there is power by checking the circuit breaker. 


Is the furnace getting enough oil to ignite?


Furnaces require a dedicated fuel supply to ignite; however, when leaks or obstructions in the oil line, your heating system may need more power to get started. These can all be inspected by a Valley Energy technician who can determine the best course to get your furnace back up and running. 


Consider an Oil Service Contract 


Did you know that we offer Oil Service Contracts to get your furnace inspected and tuned up for the season? We have two different plans depending on your needs and delivery type. Visit our website to learn more about these plans: 


Call Valley Energy for your repairs


Although these helpful diagnostic tools can guide customers through troubleshooting their furnace issues, it is always advisable to seek help from dedicated furnace repair technicians. Choosing a company with the right expertise and knowledge can be beneficial for resolving your home heating problems. Our team has over 50 years of experience in the home heating oil industry, providing high-quality work, emergency assistance, and dedicated service to keep Virginia’s homes comfortable all year round. Contact us today to find out more.