Propane fireplaces are an efficient and cheaper heating method for the home. Without the soot and buildup produced by fire, propane only requires annual cleaning and maintenance to ensure it stays in optimum condition. Inspecting your fireplace is essential for your household’s safety and preparing it for the colder months ahead, so it is important to schedule your fireplace cleaning before winter arrives. 


Choose A Professional Technician For Your Fireplace

A professional technician can not only assist with returning your fireplace to pristine condition for warm nights by the fire but will often locate hazards and damage as they work through the system. This industry knowledge can help to locate any issues before they become problematic in the winter, guiding you in best practices to keep your fireplace in working order. Our Valley Energy fireplace cleaning specialists are equipped with extensive industry knowledge to perform any repair work required while we inspect and clean your fireplace. This service ensures you are ready to use your propane fireplace without worrying about its safety.


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Our Fireplace Cleaning Checklist

Removing Debris From Vents

Debris and buildup can lead to blockages in the entire system, causing excessive fuel use and, sometimes, damage to the fireplace.



Clean And Inspect The Interior, Including The Burner And Logs

Dust can accumulate in your fireplace over time, leading to unusual odors when lighting your fire. A dirty set of logs can also interfere with other equipment, such as your pilot light, and hide signs of deterioration. A professional technician can recommend if your propane gas logs are due for replacement and spot any signs of wear and tear during our routine inspection.



Check Pressure And Control Valve

Checking the pressure readings and control valves within a fireplace can help determine the system’s overall health and locate malfunctions or causes of concern. If issues arise during tests, repair or further diagnostics are arranged by our specialists, who can find the problem and repair it quickly!


Investigating Gas Line Leaks

Leaks in a propane fireplace can be hazardous to your home. Failures in gas pipes, seals, or cracked glass can lead to propane escaping. These can occasionally go unnoticed by owners, especially after an extended shutdown period. 


Inspect And Test Pilot System (On Fireplaces With A Pilot)

Although the pilot assembly on a propane fireplace is usually low maintenance, dust and dirt can stop your fire from lighting correctly. Pilot lights may also suffer from loose or exposed wiring due to age, wear and tear, or damage, which can be a potential hazard in your home. 


Replace Rock Wool (If Needed)

Rock wool creates a bright, welcoming flame in your propane fireplace but can lose its shine after long-term use. Replacing rock wool during an annual cleaning will bring life back to your fireplace in time for the winter nights ahead. 


Replace Remote Batteries

If your fireplace requires a remote for operation, you will need to replace the batteries in both the remote and the receiver. These can be more difficult to locate and differ between models and brands. A qualified technician can assist you in locating the receiver and changing worn-out batteries. 


Inspect Glass And Seals

The glass insert and seals of a propane fireplace enclose the gases and chemicals from escaping into their surroundings. These panels must be cleaned and checked for chips or cracks to ensure safe operation, and seals remain air-tight.


Don’t Take The Risk On DIY Fireplace Cleaning

We advise homeowners to avoid cleaning and dismantling any propane equipment on their own. This is best left to a propane specialist, as they have the guidance and knowledge to ensure it will safely operate. Although many fireplaces function safely within a home, this is primarily when the fireplace has been fitted and maintained by a dedicated propane technician. Safety is our utmost concern, especially when it involves gas, heat, and your family! Although getting your hands dirty cleaning a fireplace may seem like a cost-effective method in the short term, more significant issues may be missed, resulting in costly repairs in the future. 


Reducing Your Energy Bills

In the current economic climate, many homeowners feel the pressure to reduce energy bills with the arrival of winter. Fortunately, propane fireplaces can reduce heating costs by 40%, but only when the system functions at its best! Debris and buildup can often block vents, causing the fireplace to use more fuel to produce the heat. A technician will clean the fireplace to ensure fuel can move freely, keeping performance high and energy bills low.


Keep Your Fire Lit Longer With Proper Maintenance And cleaning

A warm fire is a treasured part of the home on cold winter nights and something many of us would like to have for many years to come! The strain placed on propane fireplaces from blocked vents, cracked crowns, and moisture buildup can weaken your fireplace and place it at risk of damage. Annual fireplace cleaning and inspections help ensure your fireplace works throughout winter and, hopefully, into the next one!


Schedule Your Fireplace Cleaning

Our Valley Energy team has been supporting the heating and energy needs of our community for more than 50 years. We’ve been offering propane services to customers in Purcellville, Virginia, with a range of flexible payment plans and pricing to keep you warm all winter long. Call us today to schedule your fireplace cleaning and let our technicians ensure you are ready for winter!