As temperatures are getting colder and winter weather approaches, be sure to take the following precautions to make sure your home is ready for fuel…
The Benefits of Using a Local Propane and Oil Company

1. Keep It Clear

Be sure to clear outside exhaust vents, a path to your fill pipe or propane tank, and driveways wide enough (a minimum of 9 feet of clearance) in the event of snowfall.Clear anything in your driveway, or yard, that might hinder access to your fuel tank.

2. Mark The Spot

Inclement weather can make it hard to locate your home, fill pipe, or tank accurately. It is important to ensure your house number is clearly visible and that fill pipes and tanks are marked before the weather arrives. Use a driveway marker or flag to guide drivers to your tank or fill pipe during snow and ice.

3. Be Prepared

In the event of an emergency, our after-hours emergency number is (800) 279-2566.
Will-Call customers, monitor your tank levels regularly, and place orders when you are low to keep your home warm during all weather conditions. Propane customers should order their next delivery when they reach around 30%, and heating oil customers should place an order when their gauge reaches ¼.

For questions or to discuss your energy needs, please call our office during regular business hours.

Main: 540-338-6457
Emergency (After Hours): 800-279-2566