Tank Monitors At Valley Energy?

Tank monitors are an effective device for propane and oil heating tanks to manage efficiency and bring customers peace of mind. Monitors close the gap in the out of gas/oil situations by providing our dispatching department insight into a change in delivery patterns. From reviewing fuel levels to catching issues in performance, monitoring equipment offers both our customers and our office the ability to access available data on demand through a cellular or internet-connected device. This ability provides our customers with an extra layer of security against service disruptions.

What Exactly is a Tank Monitor?

A monitor runs on an internal battery and connects to a slot on the gauge on your tank, allowing it to “read” the gauge and transmit the reading to your service via cellular or wireless technology. Both residential and commercial customers can access their tank levels through an easy-to-use app on their phones or tablet.

Tank monitors

A Fuel Delivery For When It Is Truly Needed

By eliminating unnecessary trips for us, and additional fuel bills for you, the customer, in conjunction with high fuel costs, tank monitors provide much better overall delivery efficiency.

Learning the heating patterns of a new customer can be challenging for any service provider. Until historical data over several heating seasons are documented, we must rely on outside temperatures and heating appliance averages to forecast a delivery. A tank monitor takes the guesswork out of the delivery process and provides efficiency.

Backup generators and pool heaters also often challenge our delivery department because their usages are so sporadic. Unlike a furnace or water heater, generators and pool heaters can often draw on the fuel much quicker than a standard household appliance because of their BTU load demand. A tank monitor alerts our office when usage has a sudden increase, allowing for delivery before an out of gas situation occurs.

Why Choose Valley Energy For Your Heating Oil and Propane Needs?

Valley Energy has over 50 years of experience in the fuel industry. Over the decades, we have continued to ensure businesses and families across Virginia have a dependable energy supply and excellent service. Our highly trained team is equipped with the knowledge to help you with your propane and heating oil needs. Our tank monitoring systems can maintain the safety and efficiency of your systems. Contact us today for services in the Purcellville, Middleburg, Winchester, Leesburg, Gainesville, Berryville, and Charles Town areas.