If you are a homeowner, you know how important it is to have a reliable energy source. Power outages can have devastating effects on many households, causing financial losses, food wastage, and damage to essential equipment. If you have had any of this happen to you in the past, you might be asking yourself, what are the benefits of a whole-home generator? With an increase in frequent storms and the introduction of remote working and learning, demand for a whole-home backup generator has never been higher.

Whole-Home Generators Keep Virginia Households Powered

A generator provides more support for homeowners across Virginia than just keeping the lights on. Inclement weather is not a rarity for residents of the state, with snowstorms, hurricanes, and powerful thunderstorms striking many cities regularly. Even for those who escape the path of wild weather, power loss can last multiple days during the recovery process. Energy supplies are also known to fail from human error, system failure, or planned maintenance in the area, meaning for some people, power cuts are a frequent and regular part of life. If you suffer from 3 or more blackouts per year, it may be time to consider a whole-home generator to keep you running when other systems fail.

Which Fuel Should You Choose To Power Your Generator?

There are many types of generators on the market, catering to the unique needs of each household. If you’re looking for a reliable energy supply to power up your home during an outage, we recommend using a propane or diesel-fuelled generator as a backup to your regular energy source. Both of these options will give you the freedom and flexibility to run your generator for many weeks at a time, offering peace of mind while you wait for your main power supply to be fully operational again. Propane is the way to go for those looking for an environmentally cleaner option. Valley Energy ensures propane and diesel fuel inventories are stocked before any forecasted storm, providing customers with a reliable backup when electricity fails.

A Whole-Home Generator Maintains Your Home Comforts During An Outage

Anyone who has sat around candlelight during a blackout will know how quickly the novelty wears off. Home comforts are sometimes less of a priority during power outages; however, after multiple days in the dark or frequent issues in the area, many households begin to miss lighting, heating, and washing in their homes. A backup generator can continue to heat hot water tanks or power an AC unit within seconds of your main energy supply failing, bringing everyday functions back to your property and returning life to as normal as quickly as possible. 

Restore Power To Crucial Household Systems With A Backup Energy Supply

Power outages usually make people think of candlelit rooms and a defrosting freezer. Still, there are more systems overseeing the everyday functions of your home, all of which can cease to work when electricity fails. Essential security systems or standard sump pumps are just one of the many pieces of equipment you really shouldn’t do without, costing hundreds of dollars in damages when systems fail.

Your Generator Keeps Essential Medical Items Safe In Times Of Need

Medical equipment that relies on electricity, such as dialysis machines, ventilators, or oxygen systems, will need a plan B when issues with the main power supply arise. Medications requiring refrigeration are a cause of concern for many, yet a simple solution is the installation of a propane or diesel-powered generator.

Preserve Food When You Need It The Most

If you live remotely or roads become difficult to navigate during a storm, you may find yourself turning to the limited food supply in the kitchen. Any fridge or freezer appliance requires an active electrical connection to function, leaving food to spoil once it’s cut off from its main supply. A whole-home generator starts up almost immediately to take over during a loss of power, keeping food fresh until you can replenish the shelves and power returns.

Stay Connected To Family, Friends, And Your Business During Outages

Staying connected while the power is out is a difficult task to navigate. Phones and laptops require a power source to operate and will eventually run out of charge if the outage lasts long enough. Keeping electrical equipment powered allows you to stay in touch with loved ones or continue remote business operations until everything is back to normal. 

Choose A Local Energy Supplier To Support You Before Your Next Power Outage

While Valley Energy is not a licensed distributor of generator equipment, we work closely with many local generator providers. Our knowledgeable and skilled team will guide you through sizing a tank for your specific generator requirements and obtaining county permits. We will seamlessly install the tank and lines and deliver the fuel to get your generator powered up. Call Valley Energy today to learn more about tank and delivery options to match your generator needs, as well as the benefits of a whole-home generator.