Propane and Heating Oil in Leesburg, VA

Valley Energy delivers fuel for both residential and commercial customers in Leesburg, Virginia. From residential propane to commercial fuels, our team provides your service on-time and on budget to keep your home and business running.

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Phone: 540-338-6457

Hours: 8am – 4:30pm Monday through Thursday

               8am – 4pm Friday

Services Offered at Valley Energy Leesburg

Residential Propane

Order your propane for delivery from Valley Energy today! With automatic deliveries, once you are set up our team will offer peace of mind for your home, pool heaters, and more with automated delivery and service!

Heating Oil

With over 50 years of experience in the home heating oil industry, our team can provide you with dependable service and product. With Valley Energy’s home oil SmartPay service you can manage your energy costs more than ever!

Commercial Services

From off-road and on-road fueling needs to gasoline and commercial propane, Valley Energy has what it takes to keep your business running on time and on budget. Our commercial team is standing by to fit a custom plan to your business needs.

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New Customers

New Residential Propane and Heating Oil accounts are set up on automatic scheduled delivery! Our automatic system is designed to deliver fuel approximately every 30-45 days.

New Commercial Customers

Valley Energy provides reliable fueling services, at budget and on time, for Commercial Customers in Leesburg and the surrounding areas. Click below for an application!