Switch To Propane

Over 8 million U.S. homeowners and businesses have made the advantageous switch to propane, securing their homes with a reliable and efficient energy source. Whether building a new home or updating your current heat source, there is no better time to switch than now, and Valley Energy can help you with the transition.


Build An Environmentally Friendly Home

With propane’s environmental benefits, homeowners can rest assured their home is doing its part. Propane offers 43% less greenhouse gas emissions than using equivalent energy generated from the U.S. power grid. Propane methods can also be used alongside other renewable energy sources, such as solar panels, to reduce the overall consumption rates of your home, creating a cost-effective system while also helping the planet. 


Affordable Energy Source To Alternatives

Rising costs of living have resulted in many households across the U.S. feeling the financial strain of powering their home, encouraging more property owners to seek alternative energy methods. Propane users will also have the additional bonus of bulk buying their energy supply, stocking up for the demanding winter months. 


Propane And Virginia – Learn More About Their Relationship



Did you know that three-fifths of Virginia’s electricity comes from natural gas? Propane is a beneficial byproduct of natural gas production and represents only 5% of our country’s total fossil fuel mix. Propane also produces near-zero nitrogen oxide emissions and significantly less sulfur oxide than other fuel sources. Virginians embrace propane as an affordable and energy-efficient source of heating, cooking, hot water, and backup heat for power generation, among many other uses. Valley Energy is proud to play a crucial role in the energy needs of homes and businesses across Virginia, ensuring that our customers have the propane they need when they need it!

Choose A Highly Efficient Heating Method

Propane appliances are well regarded for their lower running costs and longer lifespan, offering a highly efficient system that homeowners and businesses find dependable. The demand for propane power has multiplied over the years, bringing a vast range of technology in its wake. Propane can exceed the energy performance of electrical alternatives and meet the needs of those living away from local power lines by offering reliability and dependability electricity can’t promise. 


When The Time Comes, Let Valley Energy Help You Make The Transition From Oil To Propane

Valley Energy has offered propane and heating oil services since 1999, serving customers across Virginia from our main office and storage facility in Purcellville. While Valley Energy is still a proud heating oil provider, we recognize our customers are looking for alternatives. Let us assist you in converting your oil heat to clean, reliable, and convenient propane. Call us today to learn more.