Propane and heating oil can be a cost-effective heating method for Virginia homeowners and businesses, supplying energy to water heaters, appliances, and generators. Created from natural gas and petroleum, it is also widely available in the United States, making it a popular and reliable energy source for many property owners. With many suppliers serving both locally and nationwide, there are many options to choose from if you are in the market for a propane and heating oil supplier. To help make your search easier, we have listed a few reasons why working with a local company, as opposed to a national brand, is a better option for you.

Improved Customer Service

No matter the industry type, locally owned businesses are commonly known for their personalized approach and understanding of the unique needs of their service areas. This knowledge enables them to adapt their product to the changing demands of the customer, responding efficiently with effective solutions to individual issues. In the propane and heating oil industry, this can be anything from increasing supply in the winter months to quickly sourcing propane or heating oil during emergencies and offering tailored services to their specific customer’s needs.

How Does The Customer Experience Differ With National Providers?

Nationally owned companies may have an expansive service area compared to local businesses, but an increase in size does not always guarantee a higher level of customer service. Propane and heating oil suppliers based outside the region will usually have a reduced knowledge of local needs for your area, applying a standardized consumer profile to the majority of their clients. This can often make the customer’s experience with national suppliers very different from those that work with locally-based propane and heating oil companies, as corporate chains often focus less on the individual and more on targeting clients’ needs as a majority.

Reliable, On-Time Deliveries

Disruptions to day-to-day life can happen for both businesses and homeowners. Natural disasters, logistical issues, and, most recently, a global pandemic are some of the many challenges facing today’s shipment processes. In Virginia alone, severe storms, tornadoes, and power outages can cause subsequent impacts on operations, which is why you need a local provider who is adapted and prepared for environmental challenges before they occur.

Our Efficient Automatic Delivery System

With our main office and storage facility, both located in Purcellville, we can provide our customers with a prompt response time and the certainty that they will have propane and heating oil when they need it the most. We offer an automatic delivery system designed to ensure your home or business never runs out of propane or heating oil. This convenient service offers peace of mind when you need it the most. Find out more about our automatic delivery system, and give us a call if you have any questions.

Better Personalized Options

Pricing and fees can vary widely across the propane and heating oil industry, making it wise for customers to shop around before committing to their ideal supplier. Although large-scale, national providers may advertise lower prices at face value, you should always review the finer details to avoid hidden fees in your purchase. Sometimes, those who choose to source their propane or heating oil from a national brand find out that the initial lower cost is not worth losing a more personalized approach to your propane and heating oil needs.

Payment Options And Plans Suited To Your Unique Needs

After more than 50 years of supplying energy to our local communities, we have learned that one size does not fit all when it comes to pricing and payment methods. At Valley Energy, we offer our customers multiple payment options to ensure that they receive a personalized payment plan.

Valley Energy’s Tailored Payment Plans
Standard Payment Options

Standard payment methods are the perfect solution for placing an order without the commitment of payment plans or subscriptions for one-off orders. Payments are due within 30 days of delivery date via our office, online, by mail, or to the driver when a delivery is made.

Smart Payment Plans For Set Orders

Our smart payment plan allows you to have a set monthly payment for 11 consecutive months based on a full year of usage. The twelfth month is a settlement month, in which any remaining balance would need to be paid in full. This can help customers manage their propane and heating oil payments without facing large upfront costs across the year, similar to paying monthly electricity or tax bills.

Our Pre-Buy Plans For A Fixed Price

Our Pre-Buy payment plan is offered in the late summer and allows our customers to buy propane at a locked-in rate. This cost-effective method is ideal for those looking to reduce their overall spending on their propane supply. Certain restrictions apply, and quantities are limited for the Pre-Buy/fixed price plan, so we encourage our customers to sign up as early as possible.

Build Better Relationships Between Businesses And Customers

There are many benefits to supporting local businesses, from increased employment in the community to a more personalized service. However, many often forget the advantages of the positive working relationship established from sourcing propane and heating oil services in your local area. Buying your propane or heating oil from your local supplier means that you know exactly who you need to call to receive the propane and heating oil you need for your home or business. You never have to worry about calling into a call center, and the people who help you are members of the same community you are from!

Valley Energy’s Unique Service Offering

Valley Energy’s mission is to provide superior service at competitive prices, guaranteeing the local community’s highest level of safety, professionalism, and integrity. In addition to supplying propane and heating oil to homeowners and businesses across Virginia, we also provide gas service for customers in the following areas:
Underground and aboveground tank installation
Generator gas line hook-ups
Pool heater gas line hook-ups
Fireplace tank installation

Contact Us For Your Propane And Heating Oil Needs

Valley Energy has offered propane and heating oil services since 1999, serving customers across Virginia from our main office and storage facility in Purcellville. If you’re looking for a smart choice in your energy needs, friendly customer service, and flexible payments plans and pricing, we are ready to power your property today. Call us today to get started!