Scottie Miller is one of the most dedicated individuals you’ll ever meet. He’s independent and self-motivated, which might be why he’s stuck around since 1996! Scottie is the longest serving employee at Valley Energy, with over 22 years.

Scottie is a huge sports fan. He loves football and racing. His favorite team is the Seattle Seahawks. He also enjoys being in the great outdoors. Whether it’s four-wheeling, camping, or floating down the river in West Virginia, Scottie finds a way to spend time outside whenever he can. He was born and raised on a farm in Berryville, Virginia, and has stayed close to this area ever since. His family still works at the farm. They have been managing it for around 50 years. He’s close with family in both Virginia and Tennessee, and makes sure to visit often (especially during hunting season).

Before Valley Energy, he drove a truck for two other companies, and has been driving for almost 35 years in total. He has some mad skills maneuvering the truck around safely and efficiently. He says “it’s tough work” and he puts on a lot of miles, but it’s all worth it for the opportunity to serve customers and the community. Scottie has seen a lot of changes in his time at Valley Energy. When he started, everything from routing to tickets was done manually. Now, he has a tablet that automates many of the tasks so he can focus on delivering!

When asked what his favorite part of working for Valley Energy is, Scottie responded (without hesitation) “these are good people to work for.” When you find the right fit, there’s no expiration date on the quality of the people you work with and the people you serve. He’s built trust and friendship through being an oil driver for so many loyal customers, and this “people first” attitude extends to all areas of his life. We’re so glad to have Scottie as a part of Valley Energy, he brings quick thinking and great customer service skills into work each day, and it makes a big difference.