Erin has been a Valley Energy Team member for almost three years, playing an important role in the customer service department. She always goes above and beyond to serve all Valley Energy customers. Erin will always do her absolute best to help. If she can’t, she will find the right person and ask THEM how she can help. 

Before joining the Valley Energy family, Erin was a pastry chef but decided to make a career change so that she could enjoy baking in her free time more. Now, Erin mainly shares her baked goods with family but can sometimes be found helping out at friends’ and former coworkers’ bakeries when needed. Her husband says the best thing she makes is her chocolate walnut pie, which is enjoyed warm with ice cream.

When Erin is not working, she enjoys spending her time camping, baking, and seeing live music. Music takes up a good amount of time in Erin’s life outside of work between the several bands her husband plays guitar in and the bands she insists they go see whenever they are playing nearby. Recently, her time has been taken up by home improvement projects, including one big project of renovating a room in their home entirely dedicated to Erin and her husband’s love of music. This space will be transformed into a relaxing spot dedicated to their music collection and a spot for them to listen to records.

Erin has two dogs with music-related names. Her first dog, Mona, is a Border Collie/Britany Spaniel mix named after the song “Ramona” by the Ramones. Her second dog is a Cattle Dog/ Hound mix named Dolly, after the incomparable Dolly Parton.

We are glad to have Erin on our team and appreciate all that she does to go out of her way to serve her customers.