Our SPECIAL $10.00 Grill Cylinder Refill is happening ALL SUMMER LONG

When: Every Monday-Friday from 8am – 4pm

*Special Opening* Friday, July 3rd from 8am-12pm ONLY.

Location: 103 Hirst Road, Purcellville

Please call our office at 540-338-6457 to arrange for an employee to meet you at the fueling facility prior to arrival.

Need a New Tank? We have you covered! $25.00 for trade in expired cylinders and/or $55.00 for brand new cylinders

If you are a Valley Energy customer, we will simply bill your account.

For all non-Valley Energy customers – YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOME – and we accept Visa, MC, Discover, Check or Cash.

Happy Grilling & Please Stay Well.

Note: At this time we are not planning any Saturday LP Grillz Events. If plans change, we will update this post.