Congratulations On Your New Home!

Moving into a new home is an exciting experience. However, with much going on throughout the process, your home heating system is one of the most critical but often overlooked features. You have probably realized that your home is heated via oil and might be wondering why this large tank is on your property. Don’t worry! The good news about heating oil is that it is a safe, efficient, and durable heating source, and even better, Valley Energy is here to help you.


Getting To Know Your Heating Oil Tank

While other forms of energy such as natural gas and electricity are connected directly to the home, heating oil is delivered via a truck and placed into an onsite storage tank. Heating oil tanks are a reliable and safe storage method for keeping fuel on your property. With over 6 million US homes using heating oil as their primary heating source, there is a wide range of tank sizes, typically ranging from 275-gallon capacity to 1000 gallon capacity. Home oil tanks are often found aboveground, in a basement or an exterior side of the house, or underground buried on the property.


Will I Ever Need To Replace My Tank?

Nothing in life lasts forever, and it’s the easiest lesson we all learn the hard way. Unfortunately, this rings true when it comes to your oil tank as well. Tank failures can lead to costly repairs and cleanups if not adequately addressed. The average life expectancy is between 15 and 30 years and can vary depending on the design/size and the regular maintenance schedule of the tank. Over the years, any system frequently used will start to degrade. Here are a few warning signs yours may be due for replacement:

  • Rust and excessive surface dents.
  • Wet spots on the surface or underneath the tank.
  • Weak or rusting legs or components.

While checking the oil tank may not be high on a homeowners punch list, it is crucial to inspect the unit annually.


I Think My Tank May Need To Be Replaced, What Now?

Valley Energy technicians are ready to assist with a full tank inspection and work with you to evaluate your risk factors. If we determine your tank needs replacing, our team will work closely with you to assess your household needs. These needs include the number of occupants, the number of furnaces, property usage, and seasonal changes to determine the most appropriate tank for you.

Heating Oil Truck

Why Choose Valley Energy For Your Heating Oil Needs?

Valley Energy has over 50 years of experience in the home heating oil industry, working with families across Virginia and ensuring they have a dependable heating oil supply and excellent service. Valley Energy wants to be your heating oil supplier, whether you are located in PurcellvilleMiddleburgWinchesterLeesburgGainesvilleBerryvilleCharles Town, or anywhere in between. 


Our goal is to offer our customers high-quality service from our experienced team. We make working with us easy by providing automatic deliveries, ensuring you never run out of heating oil. We also offer a SmartPay budget plan to help you stay in control of your heating oil costs. Contact us today if you need guidance on supplying, fitting, or choosing the right heating oil tank. Our highly trained team is equipped with the knowledge to help you keep your home warm.