Gwynne joined the Valley Energy team mid-2019 and has quickly become an integral part of our office staff. She lives nearby in Hamilton, VA with her family and has quite the list of hobbies when she’s out of the office. She especially loves hiking, swimming, fishing, putt-putt, visiting old battlefields, gardening, and cooking, I’m sure there’s more, I’ll leave those for her autobiography. One of her favorite recently discovered hiking spots is Cool Spring Battlefield in Bluemont, Virginia.

At home she maintains an impressive garden (pictured on right) with a host of fruits and veggies, including corn, peppers, cucumbers, squash, zucchini, green beans, raspberries, and blueberries! Gwynne enjoys cooking and has enjoyed challenging herself to make vegetarian meals and experimenting with new ideas, the meatloaf turned out well, the falafel…not so well…

Her stepdaughter Page began attending Utah State University last Fall after graduating from Loudoun Valley High School in May. She’s kindhearted and is always looking to help others where she can. Her son Hunter is 11 and plays on a local baseball team. Gwynne keeps the score at some games and considers herself the loudest cheerleader in the stands. One of Hunter’s favorite things to do is to visit baseball stadiums and he hopes to someday visit every one in the US, and so far he’s seen eleven!

Gwynne has lived in Rhode Island, Japan, California, Hawaii, and Maryland. She has been in Hamilton for the past seven years with her husband RC, daughter Page, and son Hunter, as well as their two dogs, Sally and Missy. Gwynne wears many hats, everything from “mom” to “accounts payable” and she wears them well. We’re delighted to have her smiling, cheerful, face as a part of the Valley Energy family!