Ever since Mark Hardy can remember, he’s been riding in a truck. Whether it’s a tractor trailer, 18-wheeler, tanker, or bobtail, Mark can maneuver almost anything on the road. He gives credit to his father for teaching him to be comfortable in trucks, as his dad started driving a truck in 1960 and did so for the next 42 years. Mark grew up around trucks and started driving them himself in his mid-20s.

Mark has worked a variety of driving jobs in Northern Virginia. He has driven everything from cars to trailers, supply trucks, oil trucks, propane (bobtail) trucks, and dump trucks. Mark came on to the Valley Energy team in August of 2005. He has the necessary expertise to haul both Oil and Propane products as needed, despite the many differences between them.

Not only has he been in the cab of trucks his whole life, but he enjoys going under the hood as well. In high school Mark showed both interest and talent in mechanic work. He started working for the school board as a senior in high school performing repairs on their fleet of vehicles. When he graduated, he was given a full time job with the county.

When he’s not working, Mark enjoys being outdoors. He’s always happy to go on a hike, take a ride in the Jeep, chill out on the beach, or hunt Elk. That’s right, ELK! In Idaho and Montana…in the winter. Mark’s dad lives in Southern Virginia near a national forest and the family enjoys visiting often. Mark and his wife Jennifer got married in December of 2016 and live in West Virginia with their 3 dogs. They love their neighbors and like getting involved in the community through serving others and attending local events.

Mark’s kids Logan (19) and Jaimee (15) are the highlights of his life and he loves spending time with them whenever he is able. He also has a German Shepherd (named Deezel) who holds a special place in his heart. They are inseparable friends.

Mark’s favorite parts of working at Valley Energy are spreading the word about the “No-Zones” around trucks and trailers to high school students in Loudoun County. He also appreciates the opportunity to build friendships with customers (and their dogs). Mark is a dedicated employee and we are so happy to have him as part of our Valley Energy family.