If you are a newcomer to the world of propane energy, you might be thinking; I never ordered propane before; where do I start?! Before placing your first order, you will likely have many questions, such as how much propane you should purchase, what size tank you have, or how to prepare your home for a new tank installation? Thankfully, our team of experts at Valley Energy has shared some of their most up-to-date industry knowledge to help you prepare for your first propane order.

An Experienced Supplier Can Help You Choose Your Tank Size

It is important to choose a reputable supplier who can help you determine the most appropriate tank size based on your home’s energy requirements. Our team works closely with customers to review their household’s needs, taking into careful consideration the number of propane appliances, estimated usage, as well as any potential delivery obstacles that a delivery driver might encounter in severe weather. 

Determine Whether To Lease A Tank Or Buy Your Propane Tank Outright

Most customers prefer to lease their propane tank directly, offering them peace of mind knowing the installation and maintenance are fully covered. Although some homeowners may find purchasing a tank gives them the advantage of complete control of their energy supply, it also comes with additional responsibility and liabilities. One of these responsibilities is adhering to safety guidelines and ensuring all functionalities of the tank remain in proper working order at the homeowner’s expense. Suppose you are new to the world of propane, coming from a natural gas or electric background. In that case, it can be beneficial to lease your tank at the beginning of your switch, allowing time to learn from experienced experts how systems, maintenance, and installation processes work. 

Calculate The Estimated Propane Supply Needed For Home Heating

After you’ve decided on what type of tank ownership you’d like, we need to work on finding the right size suitable for you. The longer you use propane, the easier it will be to track your usage. Many factors play into your usage amount, including the temperature you prefer to keep your home, the number of additional appliances tied to the system, and obviously, the weather. A Valley Energy representative will be able to help you estimate your propane usage to give you a better idea of how much you should need on an annual basis. 

What To Expect On The Delivery Day

Before receiving your first delivery, one of our certified propane technicians must perform and document a Safety Check. A Safety Check will require you to be home as the technician will need to shut down the propane system to ensure there are no leaks and answer any questions you may have. This process generally takes no more than 30 minutes. 


After the safety check is complete, you would not need to be present for the actual propane delivery. Our driver will spend approximately 10-15 minutes at your residence, making the delivery. The driver will leave a copy of the delivery ticket at your home, and an invoice will be emailed (or mailed) to you within a few days.


Please do keep in mind it is also essential to clear your backyard or driveway of any obstacles which may delay any work taking place. 

Explore Automatic Delivery Options For Hassle-Free Propane Shipments

All tank-leased propane accounts set up with Valley Energy are placed on an automatically scheduled delivery, saving our customers the stress of running low as they adjust to their new energy source. This system ensures a propane refill will be delivered to you approximately every 30-60 days (estimate only for winter period), offering convenience and peace of mind as they continue to learn about their usage and individual propane needs. Once you understand your propane needs, please explore our Smart Pay & Pre-Pay options. Our flexible payment options provide something for every budget.

Choose Valley Energy For Your First Propane Order!

Now that you understand how to prepare for your first propane order, it’s time to power up your home! Valley Energy has offered propane services since 1999, serving customers across Virginia from our main office and storage facility in Purcellville. Please find out more about our tank sizes, automatic delivery systems, smart pay, and pre-pay payment options for a more efficient energy supply. Give us a call today to learn more about how Valley Energy can help you get set up for your first propane order.