Looking for a fast-paced, fun-loving, and self-starting type of guy? Look no further than Dan Reil. Dan has worked as a service technician in the Propane industry for over a decade, and brings a variety of experience and a whole lot of heart to his work every day. He loves working with his hands, and can find a solution for just about any problem in front of him.

Dan spent nine years in the United States Army as a mechanic and field artillery officer. During that time he worked with tanks, weapons, and military vehicles to ensure they were running properly and safely. Ever since he was young, Dan has enjoyed working with cars, so it’s no surprise that his biggest hobby is rebuilding them.

In 2000 when Dan got out of the military, he started rebuilding (almost from scratch) old Volkswagen Beetles. He keeps the original frame, but replaces everything from the tires and brakes to the engine and all mechanical parts, taking the bugs from run-down to show-ready condition. His first car projects started with his dad when he was young, and now he’s carrying on the tradition. Sometimes, rebuilding the bugs even turns into a multi-generational family project (see top right picture). He’s currently on his 5th bug, with no plans of stopping soon.

When he’s not working with big machinery, Dan enjoys spending time with his big family. He and his wife have been married for 21 years and have 3 sons and 2 grandsons. You can’t help but smile when Landon (left) and Weston (right) are in the room.

Dan is a great guy to work with; he’s high energy and always walks in with a smile on his face. We’re glad to have him around!